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Kapa Ventures

Facebook’s market cap is now over $300 billion, and small Austrian company Runtastic is acquired for 220 million Euros. Such news make entrepreneurs dream – and they should. However, founding a company and generating value is not easy. A good idea is not enough, it also takes a passionate team with the ability to execute a plan, experience, money, partners, and – let’s be honest – a piece of luck. You can use all the help you can get.

As investors we bring not only money, but also decades of experience in creating and running businesses in the IT sector. We see ourselves as long-term partners of our portfolio companies. Our investment strategy is not about a quick exit, but about sustainable growth and profitablilty. We are entrepreneurs ourselves and understand their needs.

The investment focus is Austrian IT startups, in particular web based businesses. Our aim is to make innovators successful by letting the founders concentrate on their core competencies. We provide the rest.

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Who we are

Frank Kappe

I have Masters and PhD degrees in Technical Mathematics from Graz University of Technology, where I am also currently professor and head of the Institute for Information Systems and Computer Media (IICM), and also serving as Dean of the Faculty of Computer Science and Biomedial Engineering. My research focus is applications of new media technology. Before returning to the university I was founder and CTO of Hyperwave ( Today I invest in interesting companies and try to motivate and support students to found their own copmany.


Gerhard Pail

I studied Economcs in Graz and then worked as business consultant in various economic and management settings. For the Austrian Institute of Technology, Joanneum Research, and Graz University of Technology I have transferred technology to innovation in various prrojects. I was founder and CFO of the Know Center GmbH and other companies in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, France, Singapore, United Kingdom, and USA. Today I work for the Graz University of Technology and invest in companies I find interesting and where I feel I can make a difference.

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